A pylon sign, also known as a pole sign, is the beacon of your brand. These lightbox signs are a perfect way to scream, “look at us! We are here!” as well as establish the look and feel of your company. This is the standard sign most businesses, churches, restaurants, cities and even medical facilities use. Pylon signage can help strengthen your branding and advertising efforts.

A standard box shaped sign may be perfect for someone looking for a quick and easy sign solution. On the other hand, a custom pylon sign with certain architectural accents may be more your style and help push your branding.

Just like with any product, it’s always a good idea to do your research before you buy. When making a big investment like signage, you want to make sure you get the best out there. Personally, I like to purchase quality to ensure that my investment lasts for years to come. These listed points are going to be the main deciding factors when purchasing your pole sign.


The best pylon sign frames should be made of aluminum to ensure the metal doesn’t rust. At times, according to most engineering standards, some steel may be required to make the sign structurally sound such as the pole itself along with some internal integrity.

A pole sign is built with retainers that allow the face of the sign to slide into and stay in place. Whether or not your sign needs retainers will depend on how large the face will be.

If you decide to go with a smaller sign, odds are you’ll be using an acrylic face which is a strong, man-made plastic. These faces are more common than flex face pylon signs. On this face, there can either be a digital print or vinyl application. The benefits of vinyl drastically outweigh a digital print. Vinyl will give you bright bold colors where as a digital print tends to show up a little dull. Therefore, it is important to have a professional graphic artist create your logo to ensure it works for every application.

If you are looking to go big, a flex face pylon sign may be what you need. This type of sign face uses a flexible translucent vinyl material. This ensures that things like wind cannot break the face.


Sign code depends on the location your permitting needs to be completed. Yup, that’s right, you can’t just go outside and slap a sign on the side of your road. Things like distance from the road, overall height, overall clearance, square footage, distance from power lines, building setbacks and sometimes even the colors on your sign can be a factor when deciding where to install your new lightbox pole sign.

Be careful when deciding where to place your sign. Most of the time, this research can be done by your sign company’s project manager. They will manage your entire installation project for you, notifying you of any hiccups along the way. These experts will review your setbacks, waterlines around your location and all the other factors listed earlier.

Some places are harder than others to get permitted, but there are plenty of companies that can help you with permitting and planning permissions. Just be aware that you must be a licensed sign company to permit it a sign and whoever obtains the permit, must also do the installation.


The best illuminated pylon signs, or internally lit pole signs, use LED modules to turn your road sign into a beacon of light. Some companies may choose to use Florence bulbs for your lightbox signage, but in our experience its best if you stick with LED modules.

Your lighted sign cabinet is on from sunset to sunrise. That’s a very long time to be on. Have you ever left your lights on all night only to find that your electricity bill has increased? That’s way using LED modules is more benefited than outdated florescent lighting. You will end up saving a lot of money over the years because of the lower power consumption.

Your illuminated identification cabinet will also come with a light sensor on the side of the sign which means, you won’t have to go out and turn it on and off yourself. Your electrical will also be ran to your junction box but be aware that the rest of the wiring must be approved by a licensed electrician before proceeding.


These commercial signs can be a great asset to your church, business, restaurant or any other industry you may be involved in. Just be sure to take these things into account when purchasing your new sign.

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