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Custom signs make you look professional and when it comes to business, a professional image is everything. And if you want a professional image, a sandblasted or routed (3-D) sign is your best option. Admittedly, these options are more expensive than simpler vinyl signage (which has a life expectancy of under five years), but come with a lot more options, have a much more respected look and feel, and are far more durable. You’ll get everything in Brazo Sign Co. such as business park tenant sign, something for a residential entrance, a lobby display, or any other type of signage, sandblasted, routed, and carved signs. Stop by our Houston location to speak directly with a member of our team. Same-day appointments are available.

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There are many different types of custom signs to choose from. A standard routed face aluminum cabinet is most common. This is where shapes are cut out of an aluminum face and backed with translucent plastic. This allows the cut out shapes to be the only thing that shines through. There are also different variations of this type of sign, one of which is called routed push-through. This is achieved in the same way as a standard routed face but instead of a flat plastic backing, the letters and shapes will protrude out of the sign and can make the sign look much more high end. These can also be combined with custom shapes such as arcs and angles to help accent the style of your business. Brazo Sign Co. has skilled artists that can rendering you a custom look that is sure to catch everyone’s eye. 

Custom Sign Options

  • Standard Routed Signs
  • Routed Push-Through Signs
  • Custom Shaped Signs
  • Custom Lighted Signs
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Recent Reviews

Signage -by 10/20/2019

While remotely managing a sign installation project for a new company building, I was pleased to find Brazo and work with them to create internal and external signage. They were very focused on good customer service. Update: Brazo’s great customer service continued after the sign installation. They supported us during a customer event with a special and appreciated bonus project. Thank you, Brazo Sign Co!
Signage -by 5/2/2019

The Brazo crew were on the job as promised, and did a fine job and a very reasonable price. Keep up the good work. Stan Watson Watson's Lawn Equipment, inc.
Signage -by 6/1/2018

Great group of people to work with. Friendly, professional, knowledgable staff!
Signage -by 1/29/2018

The Brazo team was a wonderful group to work with. They were on time and produced top notch work. We would recommend Brazo Signs to our clients for their signage fabrication and installation needs.
Signage -by 2/24/2018

Brazo Sign Company is my go to installation company for all my electrical projects. They are highly professional and handle any installation issue that may occur. Great Company with an Amazing Staff!
Signage -by 4/2/2018

Professional and high quality signs. They do signs for huge clients, but also give just as much time to the small business owners.
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