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Custom Signs Make You Unique

Custom signs can help separate your business from the rest of the pack. Being original when presenting your products and or services is a must if you want to get noticed. Brazo Sign Co. understands this by working hard to create custom signs that wow and grab the attention of anyone passing by. Paradise Grills’ unique logo is a great example of how a well-made custom sign is important. Because of the great execution of their custom signs, Paradise has expanded their reach in Houston and other cities. In fact, when searching for custom signs near me, Paradise Grills found Brazo, and the Houston sign company has helped create over 30 custom signs in the past 3 years.


When creating a custom sign, Brazo not only considers the accuracy of already established logos but also the importance of unique logos for new businesses. Brazo Sign Co. has professional artists on hand that create professionally design logos that not only look good but are effective and easy to use in a world filled with different outputs. This can be web, print, clothing and even signage. Brazo will go above and beyond to not only make sure the design works for custom signage, but for other uses as well.

The evidence of the well-crafted custom signs outputted by Brazo is their track record with returning customers such as Paradise Grills. Speaking with the owner, Sergio Guzman had this to say about one of their favorite customers. “The opportunity that Paradise Grills has given us to showcase our love of branding and signage is incredibly special. We pride ourselves in creating custom signs that make a difference in businesses and we are ecstatic that Paradise lets us help them through their journey.”


A great sign company that strives for perfection in custom signage is hard to come by. Take some time to check out the features that Brazo has to offer by clicking the buttons below.

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