How to Buy an Outdoor Sign


According to the National Sign Association, signs can help you increase business. It’s obvious if you think about it. A sign can be a shining beacon in your community or city. The way this can be accomplished is by choosing a professional sign company like Brazo Sign Co. to help you through the process. I’m going to talk about the types of signs you can get, deciding on a design, going through the purchasing process, permitting and finally maintaining your outdoor sign.

Types of Outdoor Signs

There are many types of outdoor signs to choose from. From a standard lighted cabinet to an LED sign. Sometimes even a custom shaped sign with an LED sign. This all depends on your budget. A good company like Brazo can help you build a well-crafted sign within your budget. It’s good to have a budget in mind prior to talking with the sign company. If you are interested in how much these signs cost, look at this blog here.

Designing an Outdoor Sign

The designing step is the most exciting. Brazo can take the time to show you what the sign will look like on your property before you decide to purchase. This makes the process easier for you to decide on which design you approve. From colors to shape and even size, this is a good time speak with the designer about goal when it comes to buying an outdoor sign. Keep in mind that sign designers have special skills that will help you succeed as a business. Color theory, layout, font knowledge and more will help your sign stick out from the rest and get clients in your door.

Purchasing an Outdoor Sign

When you have finally decided on which sign you would like to purchase, a P.O. will be sent to you along with the contract and rendering depicting the sign itself. Most sign companies will need a signed contract and signed rendering to ensure the design fits your vision. With that, half down is usually acceptable and the rest on installation and completion. This ensures that you as the client is satisfied with the work.

Permitting an Outdoor Sign

In order to install a sign, it must be permitted by the city in which you reside. Some cities have things like height restrictions and LED sign restrictions, so it’s a good idea to do a permit review before purchasing. After purchase, the project is then assigned to a project manager you not only oversee the creation and installation of the sign, but the permitting as well. Remember, a sign must be permitted by a licensed sign company like Brazo Sign Co.

What’s Next?

So, what’s next? Try and get in touch with a good sign company to help you through the process. Brazo Sign Co. has helped thousands of business meet their vision.  This is a great place to start. They are a Houston based sign company who’s worked with companies like Taco Bell, T-Mobile, Bed Bath & Beyond and more.