Okay, so how much will this cost?

Take a drive down a busy street. What do you see next to almost every business? Signs, loads and loads of signs. See, whether you are a business owner, a non-profit, or even a church, outdoor signs are a necessity. Multiple sign solutions are offered such as, standard outdoor signs, custom signs, led signs or illuminated channel letters.

So how much do these kinds of signs cost? First, let me tell you that outdoor signage shouldn’t be considered a toy you put out front of your business. It is a marketing tool, a way for your brand and business to truly stand out. Because of this, you must realize that the money you put into your signage should be considered your marketing budget. Businesses need to market to gain customers, non-profits need to market to receive donations, churches need to market to win souls. The list goes on.

So, my answer has always been this. An outdoor sign can costs you $4000 or well over $200,000. An average LED sign alone can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000. Big margin, right? That’s why speaking with a sign professional at Brazo Sign Co. can help you find exactly what you need within your budget.

Do outdoor signs even work?

Here are the facts. Outdoors signs, especially digital outdoor displays, are great ways to advertise. Outdoor signs bring in more new customers than any other outlet. A single on-site sign costs you around $0.02 per one-thousand views, while one TV ad costs $9.82 per one-thousand views. You could go with newspaper ads which usually cost your $2,000 each, but the amount of views you are receiving would be far less than an outdoor sign.

This fact, combined with a study from ISA (International Sign Association) that shows how new signage can increase revenue by more than 15%, means that your profits through sign marketing are well worth the investment. Research also shows that 85% of customers work within a 5-mile radius of most businesses. This means they can see your sign 50 to 60 times a month. Because of this, your outdoor sign is equal to 24 full-page newspaper ads a year!

To conclude, outdoor sign costs can vary according to your needs, but the fact remains that signage is still one of the best marketing tools out there and can be vital to your business’ success.


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