4 Reasons Why LED Signs Increase Business


LED Signs Are Making a Big Impact

LED signs, also known as electronic message centers have been helping multiple businesses get to the next level in their marketing endeavors for quite a while now. These dynamic and attention-grabbing signs will allow you to let your potential and existing customers know what you have to offer, as well as set you apart from other businesses. Don’t believe me? Well I’m about to tell you 4 reasons why led signs can increase your business.

4 Reasons Why LED Signs Help Businesses Grow

1.     It Has the Best Return on Investment (ROI)

LED Signs can increase business for you in the simple fact that it has the best ROI or return on investment. Instead of pouring your marketing budget into TV ads or newspaper space, invest in outdoor led sign advertising. In a typical American town, every one-thousand views of your ad is equivalent to as little as $0.02. Compared to a TV ad costing you around $9.82 per one-thousand views and a newspaper ad costing you over $22.00.

2.     LED Signs Pay for Themselves

Think of your LED sign as an investment and not a fixed asset. With that, let’s pretend that there was a 5% increase in business. That’s 5% more profit left over to pay your LED off. An average car can take you up to  5 to 7 years to pay off, not to mention you would be doing it with no profit. Most LEDs would take much less than that and you would be paying with the profit made by the LED itself. Brazo Sign Co. has had plenty of clients with and increase in business well over 5% to upwards of 20%.

3.     Timely Communication

The faster you can tell the customer your specials, the more likely you are to beat the guy down the street who is scurrying around trying to get a newspaper or TV ad in the works (which is less effective as we discussed above). LED signs for businesses make it quick and easy to communicate with every car driving on the street. Brazo Sign Co.also offers content contracts which allow you to request professional artwork for your sign in a quick turnaround time.

4.      Unlimited Messages

If you know anything about marketing, you know it is constantly changing. An ever-changing world needs ever changing ads. With an LED sign you can have as many advertisements as you can imagine. This allows you to connect with your existing and potential customers like never before!


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