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While computer generated and manufactured signs dominate the industry today, most signs were being hand painted as recently as the 1980s. Murals, storefronts, banners, barn signs, and others were hand lettered using brush and paint. The times have certainly changed, but Brazo Sign Co. is still one of the only shops in the area that can still make these beautiful and unique painted signs. If you want that classic touch that can only come from the human hand, we’ve got you covered.


Contrary to popular belief. you’re not sacrificing quality when you go with a hand painted sign. Actually, the opposite is true. While technology has made incredible advances, computers still can’t incorporate gold leaf, add dimensioning, or add a protective layer. We can. Simply put, there’s still no substitute for hand painted sign.


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Brazo Sign Co. Review

Signage -by 2/24/2018

Brazo Sign Company is my go to installation company for all my electrical projects. They are highly professional and handle any installation issue that may occur. Great Company with an Amazing Staff!
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